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A new scholarly forum in lipidomics

7–11 AM and 7–11 PM are convenient times in Singapore for live online events with global attendance. The morning session offers ideal dial-in windows for Western (e.g. UTC−8) and far-Eastern (e.g. UTC+10) locations. Evening hours in Singapore on the other hand are convenient for most central times (e.g. UTC+1). Therefore, 7 to 11 either in the morning or the evening are opportune hours for connecting at the Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING), hence [email protected]

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17th September 2020: Advances in plasmalogen research

Plasmalogens are abundant members of ether-bonded phospholipids. They have a multistage evolutionary history and unique distribution across living organisms.
Approximately 1 in 5 phospholipids are plasmalogens in human tissue
where they are particularly enriched in brain, heart and immune cells. Various functional roles have been proposed including protection against oxidative damage as well as modulatory roles in lipid membrane structure and dynamics. However, more definitive explanations for their presence and detailed molecular functions have yet to emerge. In this [email protected] forum we will hear about and discuss recent advances in plasmalogen research which will likely reignite interest in this very special class of lipids.

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