iSLS 9

9th International Singapore Lipid Symposium – online

March 1st–5th, 2021

National University of Singapore
Organizer: Prof. Markus R Wenk

Welcome to the 9th international Singapore Lipid Symposium (iSLS9). iSLS has become a regular event in the field of lipid research. We are grateful for your continued support and extend a warm welcome to newcomers.

iSLS was founded on the premise to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and information among investigators from different disciplines of research but with a common interest in lipids. This year, we are introducing new formats to the symposium:

1) The event will feature both onsite and online elements to ensure maximal adaptability.

2) The main thematic focus on translation of lipidomic technologies will be structured into distinct parallel tracks.

3) Online-only sessions are scheduled to conveniently suit all global time zones at least once every day of the week-long symposium.

4) Our virtual exhibition platforms will offer new opportunities for companies, societies and publishers to advertise and engage a growing number of participants from around the world. This will include poster session, round-table discussions, workshops and more.

5) If you have any enquiry, please contact us at [email protected]

Registration for iSLS9 is now open.

Regular US$150
Student and postdoctoral US$50

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Our program will be updated regularly, please check-in again.

Download the poster here

Keynote lectures

30-40min followed by 15-20min of discussion

Confirmed Keynote speakers

Sarah Berry, King’s College London
Holly Ingraham, University of California San Francisco
Peter Meikle, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Philip Scherer, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Michael Snyder, Stanford University
Arnold von Eckardstein, University of Zurich

Talks in parallel sessions

Combinations of 15min presentations followed by 5min Q&A and short talks (5min + 5min Q&A)

Circadian Metabolism

Charna Dibner, University of Geneva
Christer Ejsing, University of Southern Denmark
Joshua Gooley, Duke-NUS Medical School
Jennifer Kyle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Akhilesh B. Reddy, University of Pennsylvania

Clinical Mass Spectrometry

Justine Bertrand-Michel, Institut des Maladies Métaboliques et Cardiovasculaires (I2MC)
Olga Deda, Aristotle University of ThessalonikiKatharina Habler, LMU University Hospital Munich
Michal Holčapek, University of Pardubice
Xuntian Jiang, Washington University School of Medicine
Jean-Charles Martin, Aix-Marseille University
Anna Nicolaou, University of Manchester
Zoltan Takats, Imperial College London
Jayashree Selvalatchmanan, National University of Singapore
Grace van der Gugten, St Pauls Hospital, Vancouver
Margrét Þorsteinsdóttir, University of Iceland
Frédéric M. Vaz, University of Amsterdam
Oliver Watkins, National University of Singapore


Laila Abdullah, Roskamp Institute
Eugene Goh, National University of Singapore
Christiane Schaffitzel, Bristol University
Guanghou Shui, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing


Yusuf Ali, Nanyang Technological University
Ray Blind, Vanderbilt University
Chit Fang Cheok, IMCB A*STAR
Anthony Don, University of Sydney
Suihan Feng, University of Geneva
Sherman Foo, Francis Crick Institute
Michelle Hill, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
Philipp Khaitovich, Skoltech
Ira Milosevic, University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Medicine
Victoria Ramos-Garcia, Health Research Institute La Fe
Yasunori Saheki, Nanyang Technological University
Guillaume Thibault, Nanyang Technological University

Infection Biology

Chng Shu Sin, National University of Singapore
Gabriela Gago, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina
Xueli Guan, Nanyang Technological University
Kimberly Kline, Nanyang Technological University
Dominik Schwudke, Research Center Borstel
Subhash Vasudevan, Duke-NUS Medical School


Robert Ahrends, University of Vienna
Bo Burla, National University of Singapore
Amaury Cazenave Gassiot, National University of Singapore
Hyung Won Choi, National University of Singapore
Kai Dührkop, Friedrich-Schiller University
Tony Futerman, Weizmann Institute
Laura Goracci, University of Perugia
Jürgen Hartler, University of Graz
Gabi Kastenmüller, Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, München
Douglas McCloskey, Technical University of Denmark

Lipid Oxidation

Makoto Arita, RIKEN
Gilbert Di Paolo, Denali Therapeutics
Montserrat Elías-Arnanz, University of Murcia
Maria Fedorova, University of Leipzig
Ivan Hartling, University of Zurich
Liang-Yin Ke (Maurice), Kaohsiung Medical University
Jetty Chung Yung Lee, The University of Hong Kong
Ginger Milne, Vanderbilt University
Misha Shchepinov, Retrotope
Zahra Solati, University of Manitoba
Corinne M. Spickett, Aston University
Brent R. Stockwell, Columbia University
Louis Tong, Singapore National Eye Centre

Lipidomic Identification/Lipidomic Standardisation

Juan J. Aristizabal-Henao, University of Florida
Erin S. Baker, NC State University
Takeshi Bamba, Kyushu University
Stephen Blanskby, Queensland University of Technology
Tomáš Čajka, Czech Academy of Sciences
Silvia Diaz, University of Porto
Kim Ekroos, Lipidomics Consulting
Carla Ferreri, Institute of Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity
Oliver Fiehn, University of California at Davis
Sarah Hancock, UNSW Sydney
Juliana Ivanisevic, University of Lausanne
Matthew Lewis, Imperial College London
Gerhard Liebisch, University of Regensburg
John A. McLean, Vanderbilt University
Maria Eugenia Monge, CIBION-CONICET
Gavin Reid, Bio21
Hannes L. Rost, University of Toronto
Andrej Shevchenko, Max Plank Inst of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Harald Schöny, University of Vienna
Federico Torta, National University of Singapore
Yu Xia, Tsinghua University


Helena Cocheme, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences
Jan Gruber, National University of Singapore
James Marksworth, Purdue University
Anne Poljak, University of New South Wales

Metabolic Disorders

Jerzy Adamski, Technical University of Munich
Christiane Auray-Blais, Université de Sherbrooke
Steffany Bennet, University of Ottawa
Jens Brüning, Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research
Satvika Burugupalli, Baker heart and diabetes institute
Bhagirath Chaurasia, University of Iowa Health Care
Clary B. Clish, Broad Institute
Lauren Ashley Cowart, Virginia Commonwealth University
Agnieszka Dobrzyn, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Poland
Mathias Gerl, Lipotype
Gécile Gladine, INRAE
Deron Raymond Herr, National University of Singapore
Stephan Herzig, Helmholtz Diabetes Center
Thorsten Hornemann, University of Zürich
Philipp Kaldis, Lund University
Neerja Karnani, National University of Singapore
Albert Koulman, Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science
Mojgan Masoodi, University Hospital of Bern
Long Nam Nguyen, National University of Singapore
Matej Orešič, Örebro University
Arvind Ramanathan, INSTEM Bangalore
Julie Saba, CHORI
Alan Saghatelian, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Leah Siskind, University of Louisville
Adrian Teo, IMCB A*STAR
Andrew Nguan Soon Tan, Nanyang Technological University
Michael B. Wheeler, University of Toronto


John Bowden, University of Florida
Tuulia Hyötyläinen, Örebro University
Rima Kaddurah-Daouk, Duke University

Nutritional science

David Cameron Smith, SICS A*STAR
Kim Jung Eun, National University of Singapore
Giulia Menichetti, Northeastern University
Georgios Theodoridis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Christian Wolfrum, ETH Zürich

Precision Medicine

Warwick Dunn, University of Birmingham
Jessica Lasky-Su, Harvard University
Jowy Seah Yi Hoong, National University of Singapore
Xueling Sim, National University of Singapore

Workshops and Round tables

Metabolomics Workshop, click here for more info
Clinical MS round table, co-hosted with ILS clinical mass spectrometry interest group. Please click here for more info or contact Dr Anne Bendt.
Lipid Mediators Workshop, click here for more info or contact Dr Martin Pagac.
Lipidomics data analysis, click here for more info or contact Dr Bo Burla.






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